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Close more deals!!


Qualify leads faster!


Provide best in class support!

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With Sales Cloud, you can access all the data about your customers in one place, from anywhere. Our experienced Salesforce certified Team will help you shorten your sales cycle and manage your sales efforts in a more efficient way. 

Automating the sales process, tracking your effectiveness and accelerating your sales teams' productivity will be manageable.

Community CLOUD

MUSE4Hire can set up your social platform from to connect and facilitate communication among an organization's employees, partners and customers. Management can use it to communicate more efficiently with channel partners and other external parties.  Share Knowledge, Content and enable productivity.

Consumer and B2B buyers' behavior is evolving and their expectations are increasing every day. Let MUSE4Hire show you how Marketing Cloud can help you create and deliver personalized experiences and messages that connect to your brand across every touchpoint. 


These features help you gain visibility into your business. Close more deals. Get more leads. Make insightful decisions. Accelerate productivity.  MUSE4Hire partners with Manufacturers  to bring align operations teams with sales and every other aspect of the organization to strengthen customer relationships and build for a flexible and proactive business.

MUSE4Hire knows that the Customer Experience is the prime competitive factor in the digital age. Bringing together our strategic know-how, creative capabilities, mobile app expertise, and the ability to tie it all together on a single platform like Salesforce allows us to help you transform the digital Customer Experience.


NPSP where technology meets mission success. Industry trends show adopting a unified platform to track and manage all of you data about constituents, fundraising, programs and impact. MUSE4Hire can support your organization's success setting up, delivering and managing your Salesforce system.

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